Saturday, June 6, 2015

Justice League #41

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Jason Fabok

The DC You initiative kicks off in a major way with the first chapter of "Darkseid War," and the message to get out of it, is that right now is the most exciting time to be a Justice League fan. After a couple of introductory chapters in the form of issue #40 and last week's Sneak Peek, the story jumps right into the explosive action everyone loves to watch, as the leaguers have their butts handed to them by the mysterious Grail. Johns combines the fireworks with well-placed developmental pieces presented from the points of view of Mister Miracle and Wonder Woman. For those who enjoy watching the nail-biting cliffhangers during the season finales of their favorite TV shows, that is exactly what "God vs. Man" feels like; revelations, shockers, returns, and surprises, all nicely wrapped in the beautiful artwork of Jason Fabok, who, by the way, should get signed up in perpetuity as the Justice League illustrator.

Mister Miracle.  Art by Jason Fabok and colors by Brad Anderson