Saturday, July 21, 2012

Captain Marvel #1

Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick
Artist: Dexter Soy

What starts as a capricious (or subconscious?) change in looks ends up as the most significant move Carol Danvers has made in years, and the realization of her wildest dream since House of M. After the events in Operation Phoenix, a yet unseen team-up with Rogue, and an exciting skirmish with the Absorbing Man, Ms. Marvel has a couple of heart-to-hearts with close friends that lead in a natural way to her taking over the mantle and legacy of Captain Marvel. DeConnick is able to introduce the character to new readers in a friendly manner while giving long time followers the opportunity to learn new things about Carol's past; all in a self contained story, which nowadays in a #1 issue is as scarce as dinosaurs. Soy produces some beautiful images, especially those featuring the Captain fully armored. As an added bonus, the issue's Augmented Reality (AR) content features a couple of Kelly Sue clips. Amazing book!


  1. I love the book. I could see it surpass 50 issue, as long as Kelly Sue is writing the series. I would not trust Brain Bendis with it at all. Now if only they would create a Spider-Woman series with a writer who knows the character and make her as interesting as Captain Marvel.

  2. I agree with you, Paul. Marvel needs to step it up with more series featuring female characters. Captain Marvel is a great beginning, and Spider Woman is definitely the best next choice.