Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Firestorm #10

Writers: Ethan Van Sciver & Joe Harris
Artist: Yildiray Cinar

After two issues of heavy action in Paris, the journey for the Firestorms slows down as their adventures transition to a new phase. Jason and Firehawk, who last time merged into Wrath, have a somewhat confusing experience in the Quantum Field -which is to them what the Speed Force is to Flash; while Ronnie and Pozhar continue traveling to... well, not sure where they are going, but they are almost there. The most recent installments of the series have been pulling double duty: trying to untie plot knots from earlier issues, and expanding the cast, with more success in the latter than the former. The Firestorm of India is introduced as a cool and distinctive character; now all we need is to know her name; between the solicitation, the cover, and the story, she has received three. Ronnie continues evolving, and by the end of the book he looks pretty badass, while Jason keeps lagging behind all his namesakes.

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