Sunday, July 8, 2012

Detective Comics #11

Writer: Tony Daniel
Artists: Julio Ferreira & Eduardo Pansica

Tony Daniel takes a shot at collider physics in "Radioactive!" Putting a modern spin to the Batman stories from the late 50s, Daniel immerses the caped crusader in a scientific intrigue that pits him against Mr. Toxic while trying to solve the mystery behind Hugh Marder. I don't have a problem with a campy story, actually I like it; the problem here is that instead of running with it, the plot puts too much effort in trying to make it feasible, which defeats the purpose and just overcomplicates things. You can't pour protons into positrons using a pipette. The artwork by Ferreira and Pansica toggles in style between that of Daniel himself and Greg Capullo's; both of which are perfectly fine, but doesn't offer consistency. This arc will be able to introduce a couple of quirky -in a good way- villains to Batman's life with potential for permanency as long as the motivations driving them are properly fleshed out before the conclusion.

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