Friday, August 30, 2019

DC Rebirth Book of the Week [170]

Book of the Week: Justice League #30
Release Date: August 28, 2019
Artist: Jorge Jimenez
Colors: Alejandro Sanchez
Writers: Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV
Letters: Tom Napolitano

Justice League #30
Cover by Francis Manapul

"Justice/Doom War" Part I
Cover by Jay Anacleto & Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Deputized Justice League
Artwork y Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

DC Rebirth Book of the Week [169]

Book of the Week: Aquaman #51
Release Date: August 21, 2019
Artist: Robson Rocha
Inks: Daniel Henriques
Colors: Sunny Gho
Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick
Letters: Clayton Cowles

Aquaman #51
Cover by Robson Rocha, Jason Paz, Alex Sinclair

"Amnesty" Part II: "Light In The Darkness"
Cover by Joshua Middleton

Monday, August 26, 2019

DC Rebirth Book of the Week [168]

Book of the Week: Hawkman #15
Release Date: August 14, 2019
Artist: Pat Olliffe
Inks: Tom Palmer
Colors: Jeremiah Shipper
Writer: Robert Venditti
Letters: Starkings & Comicraft

Hawkman #15
Cover by Pat Olliffe, Tom Palmer, Jeremiah Shipper

"Darkness Within: Shades Of Former Selves"
Cover by In-Hyuk Lee

Saturday, August 24, 2019

DC Rebirth Book of the Week [166]

Book of the Week: The Green Lantern Annual #1
Release Date: July 31, 2019
Artists: Giuseppe Camuncoli and Trevor Scott
Colors: Steve Oliff
Writer: Grant Morrison
Letters: Tom Orzechowski

The Green Lantern Annual #1
Cover by Guillem March and Alex Sinclair

"The Wireless Ones"
Artwork by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Trevor Scott

The Other Hal Jordan A.K.A. Air Wave
Colors by Steve Oliff

A Green Lantern tradition is reborn when the annual Jordan family reunion takes a turn for the bizarre, leaving Hal and his nearest and dearest on the front line of a terrifying invasion from an impossible reality that’s closer than you think!

There’s only one way for intergalactic lawman Hal “Green Lantern” Jordan to prevent the ultra-crime of the millennium, but what will be the outcome when Green Lantern takes on a young superhero sidekick? And who will it be? Also featuring an incredible guest appearance by the strangest Lantern of all—you must not miss THE GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL!

Friday, August 23, 2019

DC Rebirth Book of the Week [165]

Book of the Week: Batgirl #37
Release Date: July 24, 2019
Artist: Carmine DiGiandomenico
Colors: Jordie Bellaire
Writer: Cecil Castellucci
Letters: Andworld Design

Batgirl #37
Cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Cam Smith, Jean-Francois Beaulieu

"Oracle Rising" Part I
"Year Of The Villain" Cover by Joshua Middleton

Artwork by Carmine DiGiandomenico and Jordie Bellaire