Monday, June 29, 2020


Alpha Flight #25
(June, 1985)
"And Graves Give Up Their Dead"
Artwork by John Byrne, Bob Wiacek, Andy Yanchus

Guardian is alive!? How did Alpha Flight's former leader survive what seemed to be certain doom? And what horrible price did he pay to do it?

Northstar #2
(March, 1994)
"Fast And Furious!"
Cover by Darío Carrasco

Uncanny X-Men #392
(March, 2001)
"From The Ashes Of The Past... Still Another Genesis!"
Cover by Salvador Larroca, Tim Townsend, Hi-Fi

"Eve of Destruction," part one. The X-Men square off against Magneto in a war that will restructure the X-world. Magneto has proclaimed his intended dominance over mankind-and Genosha is on the cusp of starting World War III. His rallying point? The battered body of Charles Xavier bound in the center of Hammer Bay. Meanwhile, beneath the streets of the capital city, Wolverine and a mystery partner work together to stop the Master of Magnetism from unleashing an entire nation of mutates upon the rest of the world. But can Logan trust the decidedly edgier ally? And, while that unlikely duo faces overwhelming odds, Jean Grey must do everything in her power to locate a handful of new mutants to enlist their aid in the battle against Genosha.

Uncanny X-Men #414
(October, 2002)
"Fall Down Go Boom"
Cover by Steve Uy

In Ontario, a boy's mutant powers begin to manifest and they are killing him. He can't stop them -can Northstar?

Northstar Character Design by Kia Asamiya, JD Smith

Uncanny X-Men #431
(September, 2003)
"The Draco" Part III
Cover by Philip Tan

The X-Men battle Azazel’s horde, Lorna relives the massacre at Genosha, and Northstar and Juggernaut have a frank discussion aboard the X-Jet on their way to see Squidboy.

X-Men #164
(November, 2004)
"Heroes and Villains: Full Circle"
Artwork by Salvador Larroca, Danny Miki, Liquid!

The explosive conclusion to the battle between the X-Men and the newly re-formed Brotherhood of Mutants! When the dust clears, will everyone remain standing?

Astonishing X-Men #59
(February, 2013)
Cover by Phil Noto

Back from their honeymoon, Northstar and Kyle face a threat at home... while Northstar faces another threat all on his own! And deep in space, something is coming that might literally tear the team apart!

Marvel Puzzle Quest
Classic Northstar

Famous athlete, wildly successful entrepreneur, devoted husband, and speedster member of super hero teams Alpha Flight and The X-Men, Jean-Paul Beaubier is an icon in his home country of Canada.

Northstar Trading Cards

Batgirl #46

Pencils: Carmine Di Giandomenico
Inks: Carmine Di Giandomenico
Colors: Jordie Bellaire
Writer: Cecil Castellucci
Letters: AndWorld Designs

Batgirl #46
(June, 2020)
Cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Cam Smith, Jean-Francois Beaulieu

"Stay Gold"
Cover by InHyuk Lee

After a catfight with Batwoman last issue, Batgirl thinks Kate is right about these statues... Could they be made from... actual living Gothamites? But when her investigation leads her to the KGBeast and he tells how he was involved in Nightwing being shot, all bets are off, and Batgirl is faced with doing the right thing or doing what is right for someone she loves.

Artwork by Carmine Di Giandomenico

Guest-Starring Batwoman
Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Sunday, June 28, 2020

The Brave And The Bold :: The Lords Of Luck

Pencils: George Pérez
Inks: Bob Wiacek
Colors: Tom Smith
Writer: Mark Waid
Letters: Rob Leigh
Covers: George Pérez, Tom Smith

The Brave And The Bold #1
(February, 2007)
Batman and Green Lantern
"The Lords Of Luck: Roulette"

"Lords of Luck" part 1! Batman and Green Lantern team up and head out on the trail of what could be the greatest weapon in the DCU. The trail leads to Ventura, the gambling planet, and if they don't recover the weapon soon, you can bet the entire Universe will be at risk!

The Brave And The Bold #2
(March, 2007)
Green Lantern and Supergirl
"The Lords Of Luck: Ventura"

"Lords of Luck" part 2. Green Lantern and Supergirl are off to Ventura on the trail of a bizarre case! Ventura is a planet-wide casino, which would be wild enough, but it has also become a backdrop for the Rann-Thanagar War!

The Brave And The Bold #3
(April, 2007)
Batman and The Blue Beetle
"The Lords Of Luck: The Lord Of Time"

"Lords of Luck" part 3. It's Batman and Blue Beetle versus the Fatal Five in the team-up book to end all team-up books! Who's brought these Legion villains into the fray? The Lord of Time, who has pulled in assassins and villains from throughout the history of the DCU!

The Brave And The Bold #4
(June, 2007)
Supergirl and Lobo
"The Lords Of Luck: The Garden Of Destiny"

"Lords of Luck" part 4. A couple of easy riders head out on the highway! Get ready for the most unlikely team of all so far: Supergirl and Lobo!

The Brave And The Bold #5
(July, 2007)
Batman and The Legion Of Super-Heroes
"The Lords Of Luck: The Batman Of Tomorrow"

"Lords of Luck" part 5. All roads lead back to Earth for the final showdown over the Book of Destiny, whose possessor will have the knowledge of all that has ever been or will be. Every guest star involved will have the opportunity to glance inside the book, including Batman, Green Lantern, Supergirl, Blue Beetle, Lobo and more!

The Brave And The Bold #1
(August, 2007)
Batman and Green Lantern
"The Lords Of Luck: The Girl Who Knew Too Much"

In the "Lords of Luck" conclusion, Green Lantern and Batman are horrified to discover the secret to the theft of the Book of Destiny, but before it can reach its rightful owner, the Book winds up in the hands of the only heroes in the DCU who aren't in its pages! How is that possible?

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Empyre :: Thor

Thor, the god of thunder was also going to have his own Empyre tie-in limited series. Written by Ram V. and illustrated by Pasqual Ferry, the story revolved around Gaea -Thor's birth mother- and how the Kree/Skrull invasion is affecting her. The 3-issue mini-series was supposed to come out in May, June, and July. The first two issues were solicited (see covers and text below); however, Marvel released a final Empyre checklist on June 25th, and the Thor book is no longer part of the lineup. 

Empyre: Thor #1
(May, 2020)
Cover by Meghan Hetrick

RESHAPING THE COSMOS! The Earth is under attack, and for Thor, the fight is personal! Gaea -goddess of nature and Thor's birth mother- has fallen ill... and it has something to do with the reason the Kree and Skrull are here!

Empyre: Thor #1
(May, 2020)
Cover by Pasqual Ferry, Chris Sotomayor

The journey to save Gaea -and all Midgard- will expand the Asgardian pantheon in a whole new direction! Critically acclaimed writer Ram V. and fan-favorite artist Pasqual Ferry take Thor to the ends of the Earth!

Empyre: Thor #2
(June, 2020)
Cover by Pasqual Ferry

THE GOD OF THUNDER MEETS HIS MATCH! Aliens are invading Midgard, longtime Asgardian ally and Agent of Wakanda Roz Solomon has gone missing, and Gaea -Thor's mother and guardian of the Earth- is dying. Thor -the king of Asgard and the god of the storm- has one singular duty: Save. Everyone. So who is this new god standing in his way, and what does he know about Thor's birthright?!

Friday, June 26, 2020

New DC Digital First Books

Superman - Man Of Tomorrow #9
"What Lives Inside" and "Invasive Species"
Monday, June 29th
Cover by Sam Lotfi, John Rauch

Story 1 - Superman and Lois respond to an emergency call at the mines outside of Metropolis. Can Superman save the miners from a horde of mysterious rock creatures? And where did these creatures come from?

Story 2 - Brainiac unleashes a monstrous creature on the Portland airport. Can Superman stop it before it spawns and overwhelms the planet!

Batman - Gotham Nights #11
"Reunion" and "One Minute After Midnight"
Tuesday, June 30th
Cover by Rómulo Fajardo Jr., Priscilla Petraites

Story 1 - A face from Red Hood's past needs his help when he's targeted by Codename: Assassin -he just doesn't know it yet!

Story 2 - The clock counts down as a prisoner on death row awaits his sentence... but Nightwing and Red Hood believe there's more to his case than meets the eye, and now they have one night to prove it!

Wonder Woman - Agent Of Peace #8
Wednesday, July 1st
Cover by Paul Pelletier, Norm Rapmund, Adriano Lucas

While on an archeological dig in Peru, Diana Prince uncovers the burial chamber of the Ayar Cachi, the Incan god of Earthquakes. Her dig is interrupted by the arrival of Cheetah who wants the power of Ayar Cachi for herself!

Titans - Together #2
"Bride Of Blood"
Thursday, July 2nd
Cover by Brandon Peterson

Master mercenary Deathstroke needs the Titans’ help. His daughter, Ravager, was infiltrating the demonic Church of Blood when she succumbed to the hypnotic power of its leader, Brother Blood. Red Hood believes that the plea is real... but is Deathstroke telling them the whole story?

From Beyond The Unknown #2
"The Butler" and "Stealth Mode"
Friday, July 3rd
Cover by Dan Jurgens, Norm Rapmund, Hi-Fi

Story 1 - On Earth-A.D. (After Disaster), the world is a very different place-a post-apocalyptic wasteland, full of talking animals and other strange sights. While exploring his dystopian home, Kamandi, the last living human, stumbles upon a robot butler patiently awaiting the return of his human masters, who disappeared years before. Kamandi takes pity on the loyal butler and tries to reunite him with his long-lost family...however unusual that reunion might be.

Story 2 - In the far future of the 31st century, the super-powered teens known as the Legion of Super-Heroes protect all the citizens of the United Planets. But when Legionnaires Sun Boy and Wildfire are kidnapped, their teammates must infiltrate a mysterious ice planet to try to save their friends... and the planet!

Scooby Doo - Mystery Inc #2
"Now You See Them..."
Saturday, July 4th
Cover by Darío Brizuela, Franco Risco

One by one, the members of the Scooby gang are disappearing! Can Scooby solve the mystery alone?

Ghosts #2
"The Ghost Inside" and "Child Of The Night"
Sunday, July 5th
Cover by Andy Clarke, David Barón

Story 1 - John Constantine discovers that nothing is ever what it seems, especially inside a haunted house...

Story 2 - A young girl on the run finds more than she bargained for when she takes cover in a house occupied by none other than Gentleman Ghost!

Thursday, June 25, 2020

The Beast

Real Name: Dr. Henry Philip "Hank" McCoy
First Appearance: X-Men #1 (September, 1963)

Secret Avengers #13
X-Men Evolutions Variant
Cover by Lee Weeks

X-Men #8 (November, 1964)
Pin-Up by Jack Kirby, Chic Stone, Sam Rosen

X-Men #40 (November, 1967)
Artwork by Don Heck, George Tuska

Amazing Adventures #11 (January, 1972)
Cover by Gil Kane, Bill Everett, Sam Rosen

X-Factor #4 (March, 1986)
Cover Artwork by Ron Frenz, Josef Rubinstein

X-Factor #37 (December, 1988)
Interior Artwork by Walt Simonson, Bob Wiacek, Petra Scotese

X-Factor #33 (August, 1988)
Cover by Walt Simonson

X-Men: The Early Years #15 (May, 1995)
Reprints X-Men #15
Cover by Adam Hughes

Astonishing X-Men #4 (August, 2004)
Cover by John Cassaday, Laura Martin

New X-Men #148 (October, 2003)
Cover by Phil Jimenez

Secret Avengers #1 (May, 2010)
Variant by Mike Deodato Jr.

U.S.Avengers #1 (January, 2017)
Illinois Variant by Rod Reis

All-New X-Men #3 (December, 2012)
Cover by Ed McGuinness, Morry Holowel

New X-Men #153 (February, 2004)
Cover by Marc Silvestri, Joe Weems, Steve Firchow

Live Action Beast
Actors Kelsey Grammer and Nicholas Hoult

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Empyre :: Invasion Of Wakanda

"Invasion Of Wakanda" was a three-issue limited series by writer Jim Zub and artist Lan Medina, intended to tie-in with the main Empyre event. Issues #1 and #2 were slated for the months of May and June respectively, while the third issue was probably planned for a July release, but due to the shutdown, no solicitations were released in April to confirm this.

Marvel is no longer making any references to this limited series, and although not officially announced yet, it looks like it has been cancelled. Below are the details for the first two issues that were solicited in February and March, and their covers by Dustin Weaver.

**UPDATE: Marvel released a final Empyre checklist on June 25. This title is no longer included.

Empyre: Invasion Of Wakanda #1
(May, 2020)
Cover by Dustin Weaver

The heart of Wakanda -its mighty store of Vibranium- comes under threat as the villains of Empyre launch their invasion of Earth! Black Panther's Agents of Wakanda form the front line against the alien invasion, but the enemy's powers are vast and unknown. With T'Challa off fighting alongside the Avengers, General Okoye is in charge, and even with the superhumans are her disposal, she may find herself outmatched.

Empyre: Invasion Of Wakanda #2
(June, 2020)
Cover by Dustin Weaver

Alien weapons, psychic spirits, ancient magic. T’Challa prepared for war, but not even he could have foreseen the forces now brought to bear against his homeland. If the Great Vibranium Mound is lost to these invaders, our planet will follow… Yibambe!