Sunday, March 31, 2019

Gallery :: New Avengers #4

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils: David Finch
Inks: Danny Miki
Colors: Frank D'Armata
Letters: Richard Starkings, Albert Deschesne

New Avengers #4
Cover by David Finch, Danny Miki, Frank D'Armata

"Breakout!" Part IV
Ronin cover by Jim Cheung
Published March, 2005

"All right. Looks like I am a super hero again."
The "return" of "Spider-Woman."
Artwork by David Finch, Danny Miki, Frank D'Armata.

This is how the issue was originally solicited back in November 2004:

Pencils & Cover by DAVID FINCH
The New Avengers assemble and come face-to-face with the mystery threat that brought them together in the first place. Plus - it's unbreakable shield versus adamantium claw. Who will win? It's wall-to-wall crazy! And thanks to you, it's the biggest comic of 2005.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Detective Comics #1000

Detective Comics #1000
March 27, 2019
Midnight Release Cover by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Alex Sinclair

Batman through the ages
Cover by Nicola Scott

1930's cover by Steve Rude
1940's cover by Bruce Timm

1950's cover by Michael Cho

1960's cover by Jim Steranko
1970's cover by Bernie Wrightson

1970's cover by Frank Miller
1990's cover by Tim Sale

2000's cover by Jock
2010's cover by Greg Capullo and FCO Plascencia

Covers by Mike Mayhew and Mike Lilly

Variants by Jason Fabok

Variants by Bill Sienkiewicz

Wraparound cover by Mico Suayan

Variants by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Alex Sinclair

Variants by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Alex Sinclair

Variant by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Alex Sinclair
Variant by Tony Daniel and Tomeu Morey

Covers by Jay Anacleto and Brian Bolland

Variant by Dan Jurgens, Kevin Nowlan, Alex Sinclair

Covers by Gabriele Dell'Otto and Lee Bermejo

Cover by Rodolfo Migliari

Cover by Patrick Gleason and Alejandro Sanchez
Cover by Clayton Crain (Yellow)

Variant by Francesco Mattina

Variant by Francesco Mattina

Variant by Dawn McTeigue

Variants by Alex Ross

Cover by Neal Adams
Cover by Clayton Crain (Blue)

Variant by Doug Mahnke
Blank variant

Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Super Friends in "Invasion of the Earthors"

Show: The All-New Super Friends Hour
Air Date: September 10, 1977

The Super Friends
"Invasion of the Earthors"

Grand Bahia, in the Caribbean sea, is a tourist destination under attack.
The island is being mined by the Earthors, who use the bedrock as their fuel.

The Super Friends receive an alert of natural disasters in Grand Bahia.
The heroes will split up to help the locals by air, land, and sea.

Batman and Robin help a stranded family using their Bat-ski-lift.
The Dynamic Duo rescues the family before the land beneath them collapses.

Aquaman uses his super-fast swimming to stop an underwater oil spill.
He creates a whirlpool that sucks all the oil back into the Earth.

The Earthors are melting all the stabilizing bedrock with their lasers.
Superman uses his super-breath to cool off the ground.

The Wonder Twins discover the Earthors' underground world.
Despite their good intentions to help, they get captured by the Earthors.

Gleek is able to escape, and warns the Super Friends of the danger.
Wonder Woman devises a plan to pinpoint the location of the Earthors' world.

The Super Friends find the entry point to the underworld citadel.
Zan and Jayna find the Super Friends, and together, beat the Earthors.

The Earthors explain they need the bedrock to power their industry and society.
Superman offers to get them a one-thousand years supply from outer space.

"Neighbors, whether they are people, countries, or worlds must learn
to discuss their problems and work together." And work together they did.


The Earthors' world air shaft and underwater exhaust vent.

Justice League of America Communicator.

Batmobile's Bat-Computer.
Super-Robot created by the Earthors.


Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet.
Batman's Batmobile.


Grand Bahia Island in the Caribbean Sea.
Crackeloa Volcano in the heart of Grand Bahia.

Justice League Headquarters at the Hall of Justice.

The Earthors' underground world.
Asteroid Argonor.


The Earthors trap Zan using a syringe, and Jayna using a beaker.


"Holy Tremors!"
"Holy Super-Monsters!"


Jayna turns into an Octopus [Octopus vulgaris], Zan into a wave.

Zan turns into a puddle; later, into a lake.
Jayna turns into a Caterpillar; later, into an Elephant.
[Danaus plexippus] and [Loxodonta africana]

Jayna's Caterpillar evolves into a Monarch Butterfly [Danaus plexippus].


Nevis, St Lucia, Tobago, and Aruba form a square around Grand Bahia.