Friday, March 30, 2012

Avengers vs X-Men #0

And so it begins. The prospect of having Earth's Mightiest pitting against the Uncanny Mutants is certainly exciting, but with a 4 issue lead-in mini-series, a #0 issue, and 21 additional titles for the next 8 weeks alone, it is easy to see how the event is about to march along that very fine line between acclaimed success and failure due to over exposition. Bendis and Aaron split duties in this prologue issue, with the former telling Scarlet Witch's story, and the latter, Hope Summer's tale. Wanda is back in the mainstream Marvel Universe on a full time basis, and it is quite strange to see her acting without her brother, her husband, her father, or even her friends for that matter; that was refreshing. Hope, on the other hand, did not fare that well; her part of the story has been told many times before and did not contribute anything new. Frank Cho's pencils bring consistency and balance to an otherwise unbalanced issue.

Avengers 1  X-Men 0


  1. Cool mini-review. Thanks.

  2. Nice take! As long as this doesn't spill over into every other Marvel title, I think Avengers and X-Men fans will be much less frustrated with this event compared to most.

  3. hoe should i read this mini view???