Thursday, March 15, 2012

Green Lantern #7

"The Secret of the Indigo Tribe" starts here. Things are getting interesting in this title once again, as Indigo-1 and her people come for Sinestro to give him the same "compassion" treatment Black Hand received at the end of "Blackest Night."  From the beginning, this arc has a horror element to it that makes it very different from the recurrent theme of the book, and is this deviation that returns the title its spark. Back on Oa, the guardians continue their plans to deploy the "Third Army" and get rid of the corps; this is shaping up to be a major storyline, but I hope that by the end of it we'll be done with the guardians, because their constant evilness is running thin. Carol Ferris has an intriguing moment that enforces the implied idea that the rings have an addicting effect on their wearer.  Doug Mahnke's pencils steal the show in this issue.

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