Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Justice League #7 - Shazam!

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank introduce the World's Mightiest Mortal to a new generation as a backup in the pages of Justice League. Gone is the old Captain Marvel name, and now the character will be simply known as Shazam! (which is how I have always called him anyway, and probably most people). Gone is also Goody Two-Shoes Billy Batson, perhaps the most shocking part of the revamp, and the one with most potential for interesting developments. Being only a 12 page backup, it would have been expected for the story to be more compressed, but Johns did not change his style here and dragged it out instead. With four writing assignments plus other projects, the only way for a writer to meet deadlines is to use lots of fluff, and this could be detrimental down the road. Gary Frank's work has evolved with time, and right now it is in a great place stylistically. Nice backup, but it needed more story.

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