Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Detective Comics #16

Writer: John Layman
Artist: Jason Fabok

John Layman takes on Joker's latest venture from a different angle, and instead of following the steps of the already busy and almost omnipresent clown of crime, he explores the effect his return has on the rest of Gotham. Layman gives Joker a kind of super-power, one that makes half the city hide in fear, and the other half turn into the sickest versions of themselves; this and other concepts that just sprout from every page make the issue quite entertaining. Nothing but Smiles starts with a global view of Gotham, and as it progresses, its scope narrows until it focuses on a new menace rising from amidst the chaos: Merrymaker, who along with his League of Smiles promises to give Batman a run for his money. Jason Fabok produces extremely elegant, high-quality artwork, while Jeromy Cox's coloring provides a somber atmosphere that matches the mood of the script. An unexpected, fun read.

Batman by Jason Fabok and Jeromy Cox

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