Sunday, January 20, 2013

Batman and Robin #16

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Artist: Patrick Gleason

It is Robin's turn to be messed with by Joker, and this one is not fun at all -in a good way. Trapped in the aviary at the Gotham Zoo, drugged, and without backup, Damian faces a Batman loaded with Joker venom. The sinister threat puts the young man in a vulnerable position that forces him to come to terms with more of his unexpressed emotions; a recurring theme in Tomasi's run that reaches a peak of sorts with this issue. Patrick Gleason has proven to be one of the most consistent artists of The New 52, which in itself is already worthy of accolades; however, his depiction of Joker deserves a special commendation. Kudos as well to John Kalisz for his interesting palette choices Just like with the other Death of the Family tie-ins, this story works great when seen as its own thing rather than as part of a whole; the event has successfully explored some dark corners of the bat-world, but the timing just does not work.

Robin by Patrick Gleason and John Kalisz

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