Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Uncanny X-Force #1

Writer: Sam Humphries
Artist: Ron Garney

Six months ago Elizabeth Braddock had found something resembling a happy ending; today, she is a haunted woman trying to bury the darkness left by her and her former companions. Unable to adapt to life at the School, Betsy has been assigned a new mission that will put her on a course to the rebirth of X-Force. Psylocke and Storm's friendship is one of the highlights of this issue; both women have deep wounds that need healing, and maybe this new venture is a way for them to get there. Spiral surfaces once again, and her link to Betsy is immediately brought to the forefront. How exactly she ends up on the side of the good guys will be a fun thing to see. Love. Ron. Garney's. Artwork. He draws a killer Psylocke and the hottest mohawk-sporting Storm. Meanwhile, Gracia and Gonzalez embellish the pages with a very interesting palette; lots of gray tones with bright, colorful accents. Very nice visuals. That last page? Eww!

Psylocke and Storm by Garney, Miki, Gracia, and Gonzalez

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