Friday, January 25, 2013

Avengers #3

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Jerome Opeña

The first arc of Avengers concludes with a major brawl between the revamped assembly and the god-like beings from The Garden. Jerome Opeña steals the show with blockbuster-level visuals, and the coloring team brings its class act with a wide-ranged, yet tenuous palette. The presentation of the book overall is very elegant, and well crafted. The story's reference to Earth being an Avengers World, and the constant use of the term expansion, bring to mind an old plot from Avengers Forever in which Immortus foresaw a future where Earth's Mightiest, driven by duty, started deploying space fortresses, growing into the first Terran empire. Is that where this is going? With Hickman's mastery in building massive overarching stories, it would be a great concept to explore. My only wish is that more classic members could join the team. Big guns like Sersi, Crystal, Moondragon, Monica Rambeau, and many other favorites, would truly bring that flavor that is still a bit elusive despite the current large cast.

From left to right: Shang-Chi, Captain Universe, Falcon, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Manifold, Wolverine, Captain Marvel, Sunspot, Cannonball. Art by Jerome Opeña.

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