Saturday, April 28, 2012

VS. #1

Writers: Jason Aaron & Kathryn Immonen
Artists: Adam Kubert & Stuart Immonen

Magneto vs. Iron Man. Nice art and colors. Creative display of powers. Good to see that the rivals respect each other's abilities. Victory went to the right party given the circumstances. Namor vs. The Thing. Ben Grimm is always funny without being a clown. Thermal vents, treasure chests, and a giant monster-fish in the shores of Utopia? Channeling Jupiter's electromagnetic field sounds more plausible. Victory did not go to the right party given the environment in which it happened. Because dozens of tie-ins will not be enough, Marvel needed a companion mini-series to "expand" on the fights from the AvX. From the get-go the issue is clear: "You want plot? Look elsewhere, chum." Too bad they don't actually say where to look for the evasive plot. Page #1 is pretty much a disclaimer for "It's your money, we are not forcing you to buy it." The "AvX Fun Fact" boxes are a sad attempt at being cute. Save your $3.99 for something else.

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  1. I agree. 3.99 is too much for this. I didn't plan on buying it, but did anyway, and was a little disappointed even with low expectations.