Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hawk and Dove #8

"Endgame" by Rob Liefeld and Marat Mychaels marks the final installment for the "Hawk and Dove" short-lived series. After taking a beating from Hunter last issue, the avatars of war and peace take the fight back to their enemy, and this time they are not playing nice. The dialog is loaded with a sense of finality, as if the characters had reached some kind of milestone, while the closing pages try to elevate their triumphs since the start of this run, allowing some ends to remain loose as potential plot devices for future storylines. Let's hope that Hawk and Dove find a new home soon in the pages of another book -JLI, perhaps? Regardless of how this title turned out, its detractors, or the unfair "guilty by association" campaign it was subject of, its biggest success was giving these characters much deserved exposition, letting it gain new fans along the way.

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  1. Totally agree. That's why I was so sad when I knew it had been closed. And we're not the only bloggers regretting its cancellation (;;, which means: 1) sales data do not always reflect readers' tastes; 2) blogs do not always reflect the tastes of the general public. If you like Liefeld, I suggest you to read Grifter: that guy is giving his best on it.