Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Batwing #8

Gotham becomes the stage for the decisive confrontation between Batwing and Massacre. This time the attention returns to the titular character after having it stolen last month by Robin and Nightwing. Interesting thing about Massacre's true identity, is that probably many saw it coming, but the true kicker was the revelation of who was manipulating him. Kudos to Judd Winick for being able to deliver a strong and unexpected twist to the story. This chapter does a great job with character development, adding more layers to David and his alter-ego; however, the book suffers in the art department. Ben Oliver's departure has hurt the overall experience of reading the series. Now fully integrated into the Bat-family, it looks like Batwing will stay a while on this side of the pond, and his next stop is not just exciting, but also consolidates his presence in the DCU: The JLI.

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