Friday, April 27, 2012

Firestorm #8

Writers: Ethan Van Sciver & Joe Harris
Artist: Ethan Van Sciver

Two new Firestorms join in to steal thunder. Firehawk and Hurricane are introduced to the new DC Universe as the Firestorms of France and Britain respectively; and just like Pozhar, they quickly prove to be more interesting and have more personality than the main characters of the series. This new Firehawk is confident and flirtatious, while Hurricane is arrogant and in control; both very powerful, and distinctive enough to be immediately likable. Things improve for Ronnie -developmentally speaking- when a missing element from the title is finally ushered with more than subtle hints. The one who does not seem to catch a break is poor Jason; he is highly redundant, his dialogue is helpless, and he gets completely dwarfed by the new characters. Ethan Van Sciver delivers fantastic artwork with tons of detail, and Hi-Fi's colors pop from every page with nice effects.  Very nice issue!

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