Sunday, April 8, 2012

Action Comics #8

Superman's origin and his throwdown with the Collector or Worlds come to its conclusion. While Morrison's writing is known to always look at a bigger picture, an overarching story, the most immediate tale ended without much of a bang. I find the new concept for Brainiac uninteresting, and -absurd as it may sound- void of any character; however, a redesign or a new iteration would not be an issue since it is a robot after all, it can be reinvented as much as necessary; Luthor on the other hand, does not have that luxury. Thus far, Superman's quintessential villain has been less than impressive and even bland. Even though the art duties were shared among four different artists, the pencils in the important part of the story remained consistent and were not disruptive; the aftermath portion was the one that differed the most, visually speaking; but it can even be considered an "optional read," so no loss there.

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