Friday, April 6, 2012

Detective Comics #8

"Scare Tactics" is a standalone adventure that picks up after the events of the backup in issue #5 and connects them to the arc that just ended in "Dark Knight." This does not mean one needs to read those stories to understand what happens here; but those who do, will be glad to see that Tony Daniel acknowledges the rest of the Bat-verse, and makes a nice effort to maintain cohesiveness. Although brief, Daniel's portrayal of Scarecrow is fantastic. As pathetic as Dr. Crane can be sometimes, he also has his good moments, and this is one of them. Poison Ivy was an interesting choice to project Catwoman's fears; could there be a potential secret story to explain that? Without a doubt, Daniel is an extremely talented artist, and this issue is proof of that; with Florea's inks and Gomez' backgrounds, the artwork is stunning. Comics in general need more single, intimate stories like this one.

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