Saturday, March 17, 2012

Scarlet Spider #3

Super heroes are a magnet for trouble; and even if Kaine does not want to believe he is a hero, the trouble he has just attracted begs to differ. This series has quickly built a world for the Scarlet Spider with locations, supporting characters that have actual personalities, and now enemies. I don't know whether this Assassins Guild is the same as the X-Man Gambit's, but it's clear they will give Kaine a run for his money. There is no question about it, Ryan Stegman is the staple of this title, and the reason why the series is gaining fans by the minute; his style is super dynamic and clean, and as good with splash art as with tiny panels. This issue also adds a new element to the book: subtle humor, and it was just the perfect dose to make it even more enjoyable.  Great writing and great art make this one a winner!

*NOTE: For clarification purposes, the X-Man Gambit belongs to the Thieves Guild; his ex-wife Belladonna belongs to the Assassins Guild.

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