Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Dark Knight #7

"The Final Curtain" falls on the first arc of this title, with Batman taking a serious beating from Bane. Jenkins and Finch put together a read that is somewhat quick for a final act, but entertaining nonetheless. Poison Ivy makes a small cameo, one that airs some gaps in communication at DC as far as character design is concerned. I would like the guest appearances by other heroes to continue as they help tie Batman's world to the rest of the DCU. Art is again the shining star in this installment: pencils, inks, and color have a nice cumulative effect on the visuals, and even though there are some weird faces here and there, the whole experience is very easy on the eyes. The White Rabbit revelation will have many readers saying "I knew it!" I was going for a more outside the box mystery, but I like her -I also say "hot mess" a lot.

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