Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Huntress #6

This is the end. Capri serves as the stage for Helena's final hunt, and even with a huge price on her head, the masked heroine neither falters nor disappoints. Her treatment of Ibn Hassan forces one to question whether by the end of last issue she really did what she is being accused of; whatever the answer is, there will be consequences beyond the end of this mini. The art team of Marcus To, John Dell, and Andrew Dalhouse shined throughout the entire run; issue after issue they delivered a top notch product with nice visuals, clean lines, and bright colors.  Paul Levitz also did a great job building a Huntress that will keep new and long time readers happy.  The story ends on a high note with some humor, and of course, the much awaited connection to the world of Earth-2, which becomes the "Yeah!" moment of this month. This is only the beginning.

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