Thursday, March 1, 2012

Justice League #6

Johns and Lee saved the best for last. After hitting some bumps along the road, the origin of the Justice League ends with a "Boom," and what a finale it was. Everyone kicked butt: the writer with the plot, the artist with his visuals, and most of all, the heroes finally coming together to school the big bad guy. This is the Justice League everyone wants to see, and that moment when they all unite to defeat Darkseid in a flash of white light, is the one that will resonate for however long this reboot lasts. Long live the Super Friends. The second feature "Pandora" penciled by Carlos D'anda, stars the mysterious hooded woman from "Flashpoint" and the always cool Phantom Stranger. A nice short story that raises tons of questions and plants the seeds for future storylines. Nice artwork, and great colors. The best issue of the series.

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