Saturday, March 10, 2012

Uncanny X-Men #8

The final chapter of "Tabula Rasa" could not arrive too soon. As a concept, the arc would have been a great follow up to "The Dark Angel Saga," had it been properly executed; instead, the crisis quickly devolved into the backdrop to a series of interactions between pairs of X-Men that hardly passed for characterizations. Colossus is now a brute with no personality, Magik's purpose within the team remains undefined, Hope's flirtation with Namor was nothing but uncomfortable, and his unnecessary display of diplomatic relations was just the set up for a joke at the end of an issue that was beyond salvation. Speaking of, the only parts of the story with a shred of interest were those featuring Magneto and Psylocke; but her guilt and his knowing of X-Force's secret can only be played for so long.  Greg Land's pencils are the main reason to be glad the arc is over.

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