Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Ray #3

The Ray gains his first super villain and gets beaten to a pulp in the third issue of his mini-series... welcome to the world of heroes, Lucien! Palmiotti and Gray had made it easy for this new Ray to learn how to use his powers and very quickly become a hero; but now he is being placed in a situation that soon spirals out of control and he realizes things are not as simple or fun as he first thought; great way to develop the character. The choice of villain for this mini may not have been the best. The Director is similar to the X-Men's nemesis Mojo, not only in his obsession with making movies, but also in the comical relief that surrounds him. I am not sure whether the Director was talking crazy when he was explaining his origin or not, but in any case, it connects the Ray's world to the rest of the DCU, which is a good thing. With one issue to go, I hope the character gets introduced to the bigger universe before the finale.

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