Thursday, March 22, 2012

Captain Marvel

Air Force Major Carol Danvers will receive a promotion this coming July in her new ongoing series "Captain Marvel."  This was probably the most resonating announcement made at WonderCon, held last week in Anaheim, CA, and one that was long, long overdue.

Covers by Ed McGuiness

Most commonly known as the Avenger Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers also had a long stint as the interstellar Binary, and most recently as Warbird.  Not only a member of the Air Force, she also served with the C.I.A., and was even editor of Woman Magazine.

Interior art by Dexter Soy

Spinning out of the events of "A vs. X" Carol will become "Captain Marvel," and will be written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and pencilled by Dexter Soy.  Jamie McKelvie was in charge of her uniform redesign, which is a combination of her former costumes with a military touch to reflect her connection to the Air Force.

Design by Jamie McKelvie

This move will place Captain Marvel not only as one of the primary Avengers, but also as the flagship female character of the entire Marvel Universe.  As a long-time fan of hers, I hope she continues showing facets of her previous incarnations as Ms. Marvel and Binary, while building a solid follower base with her new role.

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