Thursday, March 8, 2012

Red Lanterns #7

It's a match of red vs. green as Rankorr meets Guy Gardner for the first time. The battle provides a different point of view to explain what Jack Moore is going through now that he has become a Red Lantern; Guy had been in his place not long ago, and he is one of the few who understands what that feels like; this short appearance by Green Lantern moves Rankorr's character forward. There is also an intriguing development for some of the Sinestro Corps members who fled after the events in the main Green Lantern title, and it will be interesting to see what the fate of this group is. Someone who has not fared well is Atrocitus; he is being portrayed as a shadow of his former self; this might be an intentional change introduced by Milligan for story purposes, but it almost hurts to see the once unstoppable leader of the Red Lanterns be overtaken by fear and insecurity.

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