Friday, March 2, 2012

New Guardians #6

The New Guardians face the "Rage of Angels" in a story written by Tony Bedard. One by one, the representatives of the different corps are defeated by Invictus, who after all, may not be the bad guy of the story. There are big developments for Kyle, and once again we see why he is so special, not only among the Green Lanterns, but all the other Lanterns as well.  It is also clear in this issue that the characters are accepting the fact that they are a team; the evolution of their dynamics has been superbly written by Bedard.  Tyler Kirkham shines as usual with his pencils; he is equally good at drawing splash pages and smaller panels, and adding just the right amount of detail to not make the scenes feel neither flat nor busy. Nei Rufino also deserves credit for his great management of colors; not once do the pages look like a colorfest. Great issue!

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