Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Dark Knight #6

Batman and Superman quickly make amends after their scuffle from last month, as the Dark Knight continues to solve the mystery behind the super powered villains and tries to catch the White Rabbit. Art and dialog have a weak start, led by the non-sense explanation of how the fear toxin works; but they improve vastly during the second half of the book. Coloring by Jeromy Cox is still A+. The identity of the true mastermind behind this new fear toxin would have been an actual surprise, had DC not revealed it three months ago during solicitations; this completely ruined the momentum of the story. There is, however, one piece of the plot that remains interesting and exciting: The White Rabbit. Subtle clues are thrown about her true nature, and I can't wait to see whether my suspicions about it are correct. Despite its flaws and spoilers, the issue is overall a fun read.

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