Monday, November 21, 2011

Green Lantern Corps #3

"Force of Will" by Peter Tomasi and Geraldo Borges pits a handful of tenured Corps members against a new menace with very suspicious habilities.  Without giving much away, I wonder whether this new enemy is somewhat related to the Guardians' plans hinted at in the main GL title and "New Guardians".  Although this issue is part of an arc, it almost stands on its own as it tells a very specific story about sacrifice and looking for the best interest of the many rather than the few; I just wish the moral had made its point by making Salaak learn from what just happened.  Borges' art is clean and very detailed, which is hard to do when drawing dozens of characters.  I do have to say there was so much green on every page that it became overbearing.  The issue ends pretty much how it started, but now it is clear that there will be no lucky break for the Corps in the next issue.


  1. Oops! It looks like she was retconned out of the story in error. She was with the team at the end of issue #2, and then nowhere to be seen in issue #3. That's a problem of juggling a large cast of characters; it is very easy losing track of them.

  2. I really like the 'team' that is fighting together at the beginning of #3. Wish they would be kept together, whichever ones live through this adventure.