Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Guardians #3

The third chapter of "New Guardians" by Tony Bedard has Kyle in possession of seven power rings, and very, very mad at the Guardians and their most recent judgment call.  One really can't help but dislike those little blue guys because they never do the right thing, so it is easy to sympathize with Kyle and his lashing out at them.  This incident also serves as the catalist for the corps to find common ground and band together, so even though we still don't know why the rings are acting the way they are, the assembling of the many ringbearers seems natural and not forced.  What was great about this issue was that the first page opened on a high note and the last page closed on one just as high.  I'm very excited about issue #4.  My complaint of the day is the fact that we had shared art duties again... I want my whole issue featuring pencils by Tyler Kirkham!

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