Thursday, November 24, 2011

JSA #54

JSA #54 (2004)
"Virtue, Vice, and Pumpkin Pie"
Cover Art by Carlos Pacheco

Written by Geoff Johns and pencilled by Don Kramer, this stand-alone story tells the gathering of legendary teams Justice Society and Justice League to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Begrudgingly accepting an invitation to join the festivities, Batman spends most of the day trying to put out fires that are not there in the first place; as he does this, he is witness to many funny, romantic, sad, and awkward interactions amongst the members of both teams.  This issue is a nice change of pace and a cute story for everyone who needs to take a breather from crossovers, arcs, and events, and just wants to have a fun read.  With that said, HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

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