Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Uncanny X-Force #17

The penultimate chapter of "The Dark Angel Saga" sets the stage for the final showdown between the black-ops mutant team and one of their own.  While this arc has had its high and not-so-highs (no lows to be fair), this issue is for sure one of the highs.  Rick Remender has spared no expense in making this a well-crafted story of huge proportions without turning it into an 8-month event with 3 lead-in mini series, 6 companion one-shots, and 13 tie-ins.  He has shown what a true event is, and has proven it can be done without the overrated, overexposed drive Marvel has used to market its events the past few years.  Good writing and the great art of a co-creator like Jerome Opeña are enough to deliver a quality product without all the pompous noise of stories like "Fear Itself".  Loved the flashbacks and the well managed participation of Jean Grey.

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