Friday, November 18, 2011

Wonder Woman #3

"Clay" was the name the amazons used to tease Princess Diana when she was a child; but in this issue written by Brian Azzarello, we learn that her origin was a lie, a fabrication by Queen Hippolyta to protect her daughter from Hera's rage.  The cover of this issue pretty much sums in a symbolic way what takes place in the inside pages, snake and all.  This issue is not about the Princess' origin; it's about the true birth of Wonder Woman.  One thing I didn't like was the continuous use of amazons as cannon fodder, and keep this issue away from children if you don't want to have the bees and flowers conversation yet.  Diana's interactions with the gods are well written and the art by Cliff Chiang and Matthew Wilson continues to amaze.  This is the only digital comic I'm buying because the colors look their best in a screen.

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