Saturday, November 12, 2011

Green Lantern #3

Sinestro's second round as a Green Lantern continues in this self titled arc written by Geoff Johns.  It is said that Green Lantern is one of the titles that carried over unchanged from the old universe; yet, it is as if this new start ignored everything that happened before: Why is Ms. Ferris so appalled that Hal is hanging out with Sinestro? Carol herself spent months with the two of them.  And what is this with the Guardians and the third army?  I thought that's what the Alpha Lanterns were.  Hal Jordan is acting more as a rookie than Kyle Rayner ever did in his early days, and now Sinestro is being impulsive and emotional?  I would not have a problem with these behaviors if we had been told this was a clean reboot, but Johns seems to be contradicting himself.  If you forget everything that came before, it was a good issue; if you don't, expect to be unimpressed.

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  1. The Alpha Lanterns were never the third army, they were merely there to monitor the GL's so that nothing crazy went down. That didn't work, so they're going to try something completely different. This time it'll work for sure. I'm guessing they're going to create artificial vuldarians.

    Sinestro is emotional. He's not a guardian. He takes things personally. That's not off at all.

    Carol might have had no problem dealing with Sinestro, but she doesn't like him, and she knows Hal and Sinestro are enemies so it doesn't make sense. Plus she was probably shocked at him being a GL again.