Friday, November 25, 2011

The Dark Knight #3

The Dark Knight's hunt for the White Rabbit heats up in "Catch me if you can" by Paul Jenkins and David Finch.  She is the perfect combination of Catwoman and Harley Queen, and I hope she becomes one of Batman's big time villains, because so far she is super cool.  A surprise guest makes a quick appearance in this issue, and although I was glad to see guest, I am not sure it was handled right.  Perhaps the point was to show that not even guest can catch the White Rabbit, which means trouble for the Dark Knight; however, there were just too many "uh?" moments for such a short cameo.  Richard Friend and Jeromy Cox complement Finch's work to deliver top of the line art.  Issues 2 and 3 have had familiar faces showing up, so if this is the Batman book where other heroes make guest appearances, that would be great; just like the old "Brave and the Bold."

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