Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hawk and Dove #3

Hawk, Dove, Deadman, and Barack Obama fight Condor & Swan in "When a white house runs red" by Sterling Gates and Rob Liefeld.  Although it's an all-action issue, the pace of the story slows almost to a stop, as the fight in the White House takes about the same time it takes to read the book.  There is no character development here, just fists, and that is not a bad thing; not every single issue has to be full of drama.  We get a few more clues about Condor & Swan's powers and origin; there is a "Circle" being referenced to, and Deadman sees a strange, nasty entity.  Rob Liefeld's art continues to improve, though I do admit there were some awkward panels, such as the "chomp" one; still, the colors are great and eye-catching.  I am warming up to Deadman's presence in the book, and I am ready to see more avian avatars.  Good issue.

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