Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nightwing #3

You know how family and friends reconnect at weddings and funerals?  Well, Nightwing #3 is no wedding.  The mystery of C.C. Haly's death gets trickier as more suspects pop-up amongst the circus family during the old man's service.  First the good:  The art by Eddy Barrows and Eduardo Pansica is superb, especially in those action sequences with the after-images of Nighwing's acrobatics; also cool is the nod to Nightwing's old costume, which in itself acknowledges a lot of the character's backstory. One thing I didn't like was the campy way used to get Dick out of a bad situation; I frown upon the old "reversing the polarity" solution.  A huge no-no in this issue: the "Five years ago" flashback; it raises too many questions. "Years ago" would have been good enough to keep everyone entertained and happy.

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