Saturday, November 26, 2011

Savage Hawkman #3

The adventures of The Savage Hawkman take a turn for the worse in "Razing Kane" by Tony Daniel and Philip Tan, and I don't mean storywise, I mean the series itself.  My biggest problem with the title at this point is the art; while Philip Tan had done a somewhat decent work on the first two installments, he left himself go on this one.  With the possible exception of a couple of panels featuring Hawkman, the art hits a low point here, and the bland coloring doesn't help either.  The plot itself does not fare much better either; it seems to be throwing things at a wall just to see what sticks, and that scene with Morphicious' laughing head on a table is a true eye-roller.  Next issue will mark the final confrontation with Morphicious and the conclusion of the first arc for this title, and most likely I'll  be dropping the title after that.

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