Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Justice League #3

Now that's what I'm talking about!  Princess Diana makes her debut in the pages of "Justice League" chapter three by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee.  This is the perfect Wonder Woman: Not girly, not butch; strong and fierce, yet not a savage; with a beautiful smile and with Steve Trevor!  The gang is coming together in a fun issue full of action and the initial stages of an amazing team dynamic.  Batman teaching Hal how to use his ring, Superman showing why he is the greatest, Flash everywhere at once; and that last page?  I died and went to heaven.  All this while Cyborg's new origin runs parellel to the action.  Johns nailed it in the head with this chapter, and Jim Lee has proven once again why in my book he is the standard by which all the other artists are measured.  If the rest of this arc keeps the quality of this issue, we will be witnesses to the greatest super hero story ever.

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