Thursday, November 17, 2011

Batman #3

The mystery of "The Court of Owls" continues courtesy of writer Scott Snyder.  After the loads of action we got in issue #2, "The Thirteenth Hour" focuses more in detective work as Batman tries to prove that all this owl non-sense is just a folkloric tale; sadly for him it is not, and his findings are quite disturbing.  This book has its educational value as well; why, I learned more about owls in this issue than I had ever known, so there you go.  Greg Capullo's pencils are very detailed, and this is particularly noted when he illustrates Gotham and its locales; the city becomes as much a character as Bats himself.  The colors by FCO give the story an aged feel which is perfect for the theme of the story.  The cliffhanger will not necessarily make me lose sleep for the next month; however, it will make me wonder how Batman is getting away from this one, and that's good.  Very cool issue!

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