Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Avengers #19

The day a new team of Avengers is revealed to the public is always a great day; all the excitement, the not-knowing, the guessing.  All of it is great; sadly, this issue takes all of it away, and turns it into a summation of recycled ideas, tired plot devices, and a sense of directionlessness.  Thor and Bucky are dead (again), the team is in shambles (again), Vision is reborn (again), Osborn is back (again), and the aftermath events of "Fear Itself" are interchangeable with those of "House of M", "Civil War", "Secret Invasion", and "Siege"; all is a prelude to the next crossover.  It' like the Avengers title cannot stand on its own feet, and needs the continuous presence of an "event" to justify its existence.  Bendis does not even name his chapters anymore; just look at the banner on the cover and you'll know that the issue is part of the prelude, tie-in, or aftermath of some event.


  1. HAH! Woe unto me....tho I am a HUGE Avengers fan.....I have to agree with everything you said! >sigh<

  2. Hating on the Avengers makes me miserable because I love the Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but right now they are just a shadow of what they were... maybe one day Anonymous friend... maybe one day!