Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wolverine and the X-Men #2

I know I am swimming against the current here because it looks like everyone likes this book, but I still want to state my case in an open forum.  I cannot take this book seriously, and for once is not because of Logan's overwhelming omnipresence; it's because of the ridiculous situations in which these X-Men are being put.  It feels like an out-of-continuity title, a comedy, a Loonie Toons or an Archie book.  The little Nighcrawlers, the funny looking Wendigo and Sauron, the joke that is this new take on Krakoa; all of it just makes me cringe. I thought I had seen a cool development when Iceman displayed a new aspect of his powers, but then I remembered it had just been done in X-Force, so I can't give this issue even that; but just to prove I am trying to be objective, I did say "finally!" to the Bobby-Kitty shocker... it should have happened years ago -unless it already did.

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  1. I couldn't follow the layouts of this issue.