Sunday, November 13, 2011

Batman and Robin #3

I am not a fan of Damian Wayne as Robin, but I understand how uninteresting it would be to put out a book called "Batman and his non-costumed son".  With that said, all the drama and conflict this brat brings to Batman's life is worth the annoyance of seeing him carry the Boy Wonder title.  I can't begin to imagine how it is having to put up with a rebelious child, now let alone one who is also a deadly weapon.  It is also interesting seeing Damian's inner struggle to have some sense of self-control, and how easy he loses it; Peter J. Tomasi does a great job at showing both sides of that fence.  I am new to this Morgan character, so I hope that the cliffhanger of this issue leads to some explanation as to what his deal is; otherwise, a couple of text boxes with some background info would be useful -although I just noticed this book does not use text boxes.-  It's a good book, though!

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