Monday, November 7, 2011

Detective Comics #3

Batman confronts the Dollmaker and his minions in "Cold Blood" written and pencilled by Tony Daniel.  I am pretty excited with this story so far. Dollmaker is a creep in the absolute sense of the word and can easily climb up there to become one of Batman's most reknown enemies; and his family is also a crazy bunch: Matilda, Jack in the Box, Bentley, and that weird chimpanzee are the perfect complement to this new villain.  The art in issue #3 is a huge improvement from #2; still, this does not seem like the Tony Daniel from "R.I.P." or "Eye of the Beholder"; his style has changed a great deal and at times it even seems it is not him doing the pencils.  The story itself has the right mix of mystery, suspense, and horror to fit the "Detective" title, and all the inner monologue evokes those old movies from yesteryear.  Next issue looks promising as the big baddie is at last revealed!

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