Thursday, July 26, 2012

Aquaman #11

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Ivane Reis

The mystery behind the relics in possession of The Others deepens in the fifth chapter of their little band reunion. Johns takes advantage of this re-encounter to disclose more about the Prisoner, the Operative, and Vostok, which makes the characters more interesting and fascinating; it would be a shame if they get shelved away after the story ends. While this is happening, Mera gets a shot at Manta in a fight that, sadly, is too short and leaves the reader wishing for more; especially after the dramatic cliffhanger of last issue. The theme in this chapter is The Others' belief that Aquaman does not care about anything or anyone, and in his stubbornness, Arthur does not put much effort into showing them how wrong they are; now it looks like Ya'Wara is about to test that theory. Bookended by two beautiful, ominous splash pages in the tomb of the First King of Atlantis, the art team led by the Reises and Prado delivers another monumental installment of Aquaman's best story yet.

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