Saturday, July 14, 2012

VS #4

Writers: Rick Remender & Kaare Andrews
Artists: Brandon Peterson & Kaare Andrews

Red ninja vs Purple ninja. The best match thus far in the series, and what the whole thing should have been about. Great way to account for Psylocke's telepathy and bringing up her past as an assassin for The Hand. The dialog and inner monologue did wonders for the story. Unblemished art with fluid panels and popping colors. All in all, a fair outcome, and the first of its kind for the title. Will Psylocke become the third X-Man to question the madness of it all? Thor vs Emma Frost. Physically and verbally vicious, ruthless, and unrestrained; without any of the morals of the previous match, this one is about kill or be killed. The art is very unique, and makes the story seem as if taking place in the psychic plane or a dream realm. No characterization whatsoever, and truth be told, no rhyme or reason for the confrontation -unless it's tied to a yet unseen sequence in the main book; still, it was good.

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  1. Well, we do see the Avengers coming back without Thor in the AvX9 previews. Guess this is how he goes down. This was a cool issue, just dont like how the X-Men are being portrayed. Going to be hard to buy them coming back from this as respected heroes.