Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wolverine and the X-Men #12

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Chris Bachalo

She has controlled the power of the Phoenix, she's been a hound, Mother Askani, Marvel Girl, a Starjammer, a teacher, a Summers, and now she's kicking Avenger butt... reluctantly. Jason Aaron gives Rachel Grey her much deserved 15 minutes in the spotlight fighting the likes of Wolverine, Captain America, and Thor; but there is more to this story than the fancy battles and philosophical confrontations. Every time she believes she has avoided the horrible future she comes from, something comes up that gets her closer to it; this time, Cyclops is that something. Just like Rogue is snapping out of it in Legacy, Rachel is realizing that something is not quite right with her father; it's great to see her as the powerful woman she is. Developments for Angel, Beast, and Iceman round up a strong issue despite Bachalo's convoluted art. And just where exactly did Wolverine "pressure point" Kid Gladiator?

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