Friday, July 13, 2012

Batman #11

Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Greg Capullo

This is it. The Court of Owls reaches its thrilling conclusion as Batman and Thomas Wayne Jr. go at it for the future of Gotham. Just because Batman chooses to believe things are a certain way, it does not mean they are, and this is the most important outcome of this amazing saga; a humbling lesson that will make him an even better hero and human being. The final confrontation with Thomas was loaded with action from start to finish, although the typical villain rant went on for a little too long, and the open ended conclusion was too reminiscent -as I feared- of Hush. Court has made of Greg Capullo a household name in comics; without a doubt, his work in this classic has elevated him to the status of a maestro; every single panel shows the dedication and love he put into the story. Eleven issues of uninterrupted, beautiful artwork is seldom found anymore; this guy is through and through, as much a hero as those he brings to life with his pencils. Best arc ever!

Thomas Wayne Jr. (Owlman?) by Greg Capullo

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